Gem Photo

Gem Photo

Phone: (650) 450-0435
Location: San Francisco.  Available for travel worldwide!


I’m a girl who loves to play dress up. My favorite dresses come from thrift stores. There is a special thrill for me to take something old and make it new. I think beauty comes in so many varied shapes and sizes. I love bright colors, and classic lines, and unusual flair.

I’m a girl who loves celebrations. Every kind. Last night the San Francisco Giants won the world series. I was out to sushi with some girlfriends. But we drove through the streets and people were honking and screaming and I could not help just sticking my head out the window and screaming with them. I gave a lot of strangers hi-fives.

Most of all, I am a girl who feels. My emotions continually trump my reasoning. I will be in the car and if the song is just right I will cry right then and there. I cry at weddings: weddings I attend, weddings I am in, weddings I photograph. It brings me back to the feelings of marrying my best friend in the world, and I am gone.

My favorite thing about being a photographer is taking photos that take me back to those real feelings: of love. of happiness. of excitement. My favorite thing is just plan being a photographer.

My name is Em. Some of my favorites have called me Gem.