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Candice Benjamin Photography

Phone: (951) 489-7511
Location: Southern California. Love traveling worldwide for weddings!


My name is Candice. I like to think I’m awesome, but most of the time I’m a big dork.
I love zombie movies and diet coke.
I have a knack for remembering what foods I eat when I go out, but I cant remember names for the life of me.
I would wear boots and dresses every day if I could.
I’m 6’0″ and still rock heels.

I photograph love.

My background is in graphic design, so I see photos as more than a snapshot, it’s a piece of art. I believe that a wedding day should be special, something that screams “you”. Whether that means DIY details you put together yourself, or entrusting your cat to be the ring-bearer. I’m here for the stylish, artsy brides. Brides that love bright colors, soft moments, details or anything else that makes you unique.